2018 Photo Challenge

2018 Photo Challenge – Week 3 – 7 Days Of Curves

2018 Photo Challenge – Week 4 – 7 Days Of Curves

Your assignment this week is to shoot Curves. 


Let’s get our Fibonacci on! 

Who’s Fibonacci, you ask? Check out this Wiki

Mathematics aside, it’s a pretty simple challenge this week. Spirals and flowing lines are everywhere. Just take the best shots you can of them!

Don’t forget to post your shots on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtags

#7daysof  #7daysofcurves  #soveryvibrant

I’ll be featuring your shots right here, as well as on my Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter Feeds.

I managed to get in all 7 days of BLUE in for our challenge last week, and you can find them on my Instagram feed, HERE

Happy shooting!

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