Photography Challenge 2018!

Photo Challenge 2018 – It’s a 7 Day Challenge, every week, for 52 weeks!

Every Monday, for photo challenge 2018, I’ll be posting a new prompt for the week. Your mission is then to shoot one photo a day for seven days, relating to the prompt given.

How you shoot your week is entirely up to you, as long as you stay on topic.

Every day, you should upload your shot to instagram/facebook/twitter and use the hashtag


Challenge your friends to play along as well!

You don’t need any fancy equipment or lenses. The camera on your phone will do just fine (sometimes better)! What matters is that you make the effort to snap something every single day. Eventually it will become a habit.

Sign up on, where I’ll be posting the challenge weekly, highlighting favourites and holding semi-regular contests.

The fun starts Monday, January 1st.

See you through the glass!


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