Who Runs This Place, Anyway?

So Very Vibrant is the creation of Windsor based photographer, artist, singer and floral designer, Lisa Rowley.

The artist in her natural state

That’s me.

The Tiles
Organic, flowing, vibrant and unrestrained. Each piece is unique and unlike any other. Using a combination of ink and air on reclaimed tile, I create visually stunning and unplanned, naturally flowing works that can not be duplicated.

A Floral Designer, by trade, I am naturally drawn to designing abstract tiles that speak of gardens, flowers and nature.

The Photography
From candid portraiture to nature and architecture, I love my camera (a Nikkon D3200). Primarily focussing (see what I did there) on  Windsor/Essex and surrounding area I try to find the beauty in the everyday.

I only use Canadian printers for my photography, and strives to ensure that all finished product is environmentally friendly and utilizes renewable resources.